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A Comfortable Office Environment for All

Aside from complaints about coworkers, one of the biggest complaints you hear as an HR manager are about the workplace itself. Sometimes it is about parking or accessibility, but more often than not it’s people with concerns about the temperature in the office. You can only tell someone so many times to bring in a […]

Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

A good human resources department will advise employees on anything from getting along with colleagues to climbing the corporate ladder. Staff will also help with retirement planning options and insurance health claims. They will define a cafeteria plan, death benefits, beneficiaries, and what goes into an IRA. They are the ultimate resource at work so […]

Security Team Safety

Safety in the work place is a big issue and most companies have contingency plans in the event of fire, earthquake, flooding, or power outage. They regularly practice evacuation as well as the protection and safeguarding of important assets. Large institutions often have human resources staff devoted to the subject and training of employees is […]

Holiday Party Season

When I have a party, no matter how experienced the bartender is, I have to lay out the tools to be used to make most types of mixed drinks. I don’t assume that he or she will come equipped. Who, after all, has a set of gadgets? This goes for a personal or company party. […]