Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

A good human resources department will advise employees on anything from getting along with colleagues to climbing the corporate ladder. Staff will also help with retirement planning options and insurance health claims. They will define a cafeteria plan, death benefits, beneficiaries, and what goes into an IRA. They are the ultimate resource at work so you can leave the busy boss alone.

The job is enriching to others and thus provides personal rewards. Take one occasion when an employee came to the office for help with his allergies. He had gone to an allergist and had determined the type, but there was no treatment after that visit. He had to tough it out. We were most sympathetic about his plight. He was always struggling. If he wasn’t sneezing at the pleather of dust all around, he was coughing because of the dry air. We needed a solution to a more comfortable work environment, and we needed it fast.

A little research online came to the rescue. While looking up the topic of allergies, about which we learned our fair share, we discovered the important role of a handy appliance known as a humidifier. It can put the desired amount of moisture into the air and help filter it from impurities. While we couldn’t at the moment modify the entire work environment—a project for another day—we were able to install a small model designed for allergies in his cubicle. He got immediate relief. Don’t those of us in human resources wish resolutions to problems could be so fast and easy. The employee was ecstatic at our response, so much so that we were able to arrange with a national manufacturer to supply home versions for our workers at a low discount price.

Here is human resources at work and I want to further tout its strategies. Staff will move mountains for employees, if not a bit of dry air. Don’t hesitate to go to this department for personal problems. While they are not certified counselors, they can find you one or give you short-term cures for many of life’s ailments. They are great at pep talks. People in workplaces often neglect the role of this important central department that ties everything all together for employees. They plan events and celebrations, hire and terminate staff, coordinate investment accounts and the company retirement plan, and so much more. They see to it that the corporate culture is maintained and that everything is shipshape and functioning.

One can train to be an HR department member by taking the relevant college courses or you can start on the ground floor as an entry-level employee. There are required qualifications specified by a given company. After some years of experience, you will learn enough to advance. It is a rewarding and lucrative career that stands head and shoulders above many others. I do want to toot the horn of the HR people I know and the work they do to maintain corporate standards. Helping the fellow with the allergies was the icing on the cake of their daily practice.

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