Getting the Best Start to Your Day

Going on job interviews can be exhausting, so you have to be mentally and physically ready. You can get out of practice. You may get more than one in a day and have to have the stamina to survive it. Why is it that tooting your own horn can be an ordeal? It is because you don’t know what reaction you will get, even if you are qualified for the work available.

Studies show you do best in the morning when you are refreshed from a good night’s sleep. You should have breakfast to provide fuel and energy for the interview process. Yes, you must stop and take the time. You want to look and feel your best, so get your clothes ready the night before so you don’t have to even think too much about image suitability. If in doubt, ask your employment agency about suggested attire. It differs according to position. An Internet researcher can wear jeans and a tee whereas an accountant cannot. A sales clerk can wear trendy outfits whereas a paralegal might not.

Getting sound sleep is of the essence and will be the subject of the rest of this blog. It is that important, so much so that we may be recommending that you get a new bed. If yours sags or shows indentations, it is time to toss it. If it has hard spots, rips, or tears, it is time for disposal. One that is over eight to ten years old is also a detriment to eight hours of bliss. Once you notice something awry, there is no turning back.

You will notice a huge difference if you acquire a comfortable mattress for back pain. They come now with a pillowtop whose thickness is a marvelous back cushion. If you have any physical ailments at all, this is mandatory and worth any extra expense. It is a luxury to change a mattress before its time and few people take the trouble to do it. They forget about one of the most important aspects of their lives. We spend half of them on top of bedding, so why neglect to update on a regular basis.

Once the new mattress is in your room, it will become your haven from the outside world. It should help set your mind at ease and your aching muscles at rest. Your day is coming to a close and you are wandering off into wonderful dreamland. Keep distractions at a minimum if you have even a modicum of insomnia. No cell phone texting, email checking, or buying new shoes on line right before bed. No eating before retiring or drinking too much water. You know the consequences of that!

Getting ready for bed should be a ritual, especially on a work night. You have to have regularity. If you are in the interview phase of your life, you can’t afford to get less than the required seven or eight hours if you don’t want bags under your eyes. You want to look as alert as you feel. Use every tactic you can to secure a good job, and that includes a proper night’s sleep.

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