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Safety in the work place is a big issue and most companies have contingency plans in the event of fire, earthquake, flooding, or power outage. They regularly practice evacuation as well as the protection and safeguarding of important assets. Large institutions often have human resources staff devoted to the subject and training of employees is part of the process. Otherwise, designated individuals are in charge.

Equipment for fire is well known. Most people also understand what goes into an earthquake kit such as potable water and food supplies. First aid is tops on most lists. Safety, however, also includes a security system to deter theft and vandalism. Certain enterprises are exposed to this possibility on a daily basis, especially if cash is kept on hand.

A good safe seems obvious for any company small or large as part of the security system. Documents that cannot be replaced need protection. If there are other valuables such as stock certificates or gold coins, they must also be housed in a fireproof place. A good security firm will make several kinds of safes mandatory for a given office. Many suggest a gun safe for any weapons that are on premises. A jewelry store, for example, would be a typical case. No doubt if there is not a guard present, a firearm will be. Usually by law, it must be out of site in some type of safe. This not only protects the weapon from flooding or fire, but it also safeguards its condition by deterring rust and corrosion.

You can, of course, combine items in one safe, but it makes sense to keep the gun separately if you are going to open and close it often. It is not the kind of item you regularly want visible. You never know when a rogue employee will strike. A gun is a deterrent against theft and should not instigate any kind of personal, vindictive retaliation.

A good choice I am told in terms of gun safes is one that sells for under $500 and weighs around 500 pounds. This is a budget price as safes go. Granite Security makes this basic model that you can get at Sam’s Club. It is more secure than cheaper thin-walled sheet metal gun lockers that go for under $400. It has thick bolds, a solid door jamb, 12-gauge sidewalls, and carries a UL Residential Security Container rating. It can handle a variety of weapons included a 30-inch barreled gun. If you get a smaller unit, that’s fine, but this way multiple guns on premises will have ample room and you don’t have to cram things in.

What I like about this model is the convertible interior so you can vary the placement of the racks and adjust the shelves to accommodate your needs. It is unlikely that a thief could enter this heavy duty safe or take it away on a dolly. If in doubt it should be bolted to a wall. It can also house any valuables and documents that need protection. It is ideal for commercial use but could do just as well in a home with a gun collection.

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