Taking Care of Stressed-Out Employees

The field of Human Resources is enormous, especially in larger companies. So many areas are under its umbrella including job descriptions, interviews, employee benefits, and problem resolution. Health is become a big motivating factor in retaining stressed out employees. Unfortunately there is too much anxiety what with job demands these days. With all the pressure that comes from the top down, I deal with my fair share of fed up staff. People need to learn to control their stress and I am researching new ways to help. We recommend counseling if the situation is critical and meditation to calm emotions. A person can site anywhere that is quiet and enter a trance-like realm. We also like yoga in the evenings and wish we could offer it ourselves at no cost. It is a stress buster par excellence. I advocate anything and everything that gets people back on an even keel. Some work environments need to be changed if they are provoking extreme reactions. Work policy is a good place to start. Every HR manager should review basic guidelines and see if they are promoting an engaged workforce.

I also like the idea of an office gym. This is the most obvious solution to office stress. These are popping up in more and more companies as perks. There is always a spare room somewhere that get be equipped. One of the first things to go in it will be a second-hand bike I found to be attached to a bike trainer that I found after browsing On Road and Mountain magazine. This is a surefire quick stress reliever. I can add more things to the room later on. A bike appeals to everyone. It is almost hypnotic to pedal away for twenty minutes to an hour. You tone up, lose weight, and cut back on killer stress.

The positive factor here is that employees can use the bike trainer during work hours or at lunch. We will have the office gym open before and after work for an hour each time. Employees who drive to work will find the bike especially useful. Those who ride already know the benefits. A happy work force makes for more productivity and job contentment. You can’t do enough to promote it. You can provide the gym, flex hours, snacks, extra paid vacation, and more. Staff always appreciates the gesture. The reaction already to our modest gym is wonderful. It is the talk of the office. Word spreads fast. Anything that brings praise to management is always welcome.

There is also room in the gym to do stretching exercises that also relieve stress and anxiety. We can have floor mats and a ballet barre for this purposes. There will be a water dispenser just outside the gym as it is important to perpetually hydrate. I think our little program could be a role model for others that are more expansive. Having the basic bike in place was the first sound decision.

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