Things that Stick with You

One of the best jobs I ever had was working in HR for a ski lodge. It was a real change of scene after being in corporate surroundings—you know, the usual office environment. The lodge was beautiful: an A-frame made of logs and it was huge so there were lots of employees to manage. A grand fireplace graced the interior. Comfortable sofas and upholstered chairs were scattered about for the frequent guests. The floor was waterproof since skiers came in after hitting the slopes and some were still wearing their boots, creating little puddles of water everywhere. It was soon mopped up. The skiers wore colorful parkas and carried their skis to the storage vault in the basement.

I was waiting for some free time to try the sport. I was a little intimidated, however, and didn’t want to risk breaking a leg. Yes, I had seen that once or twice. Maybe a walk in the snow would do on my break. I did fall in love with snow tubing as it was easy and fun. You could do it adjacent to the lodge and invite people to join you. It is an underrated winter activity for sure. When the weather cooperated, tubing was especially fun. There is nothing like a sunny day in the mountains. While I love falling snow, it can be cold. It makes for scenic days and I loved looking out the window in my office. I am going to practice tubing forever if I have anything to say about it. It is something that will stick with me for years to come.

I met my boyfriend while snow tubing. He was there at the designated site all alone before I arrived. We got to talking and took turns on the biggest slope. We even tried to ride the tube together. Falling out was super fun. We laughed a lot as we bonded. Then we went in for lunch and some hot chocolate. We talked some more and found we had a lot in common. While he also liked to ski the moguls, he enjoyed tubing quite a bit. He said he thought he could persuade me to try skiing, at least one time. He would teach me how to ride the lift, how to get off gracefully, and how to select a trail that was suitable for my level of experience. He would then show me how to turn to maneuver the mountain and how to control speed and stop.

He came up to the lodge a couple times a year so we established a strong relationship. After a while he decided to rent a cabin nearby so we could see each other more often. Eventually, to take a break from snow tubing, I learned to ski. I joined the ranks of all the seasoned guests at the lodge and enjoyed a very social life. I thank tubing for leading me to this great guy.

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