Use LinkedIn to Find Your Next Job

Finding a job while browsing the internet has never been easier. There are several social network platforms that offer job seekers a lot of useful information and provide them with relevant job options. If you’re one of these people, all you need to do to start this process is create a profile on one of these platforms, enter all your qualifications, and start browsing to get familiarised with how the platform works and what type of jobs it offers. Let’s take LinkedIn as an example. LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented network website. It aims to connect professionals with different backgrounds, so they offer options to both job-seekers and employers.

You can create an online portfolio where you can showcase your profile, expertise, working background, etc. This information can be easily accessed by recruiters. When you create this profile, take some time and enter all your information carefully since this is the first professional impression that the recruits have on you. Furthermore, when the recruiter sees your profile, they also look at the credibility of the companies you have worked for, so try to highlight your achievements well and demonstrate your knowledge, education, and working background as clearly as you can.

To make the best use of LinkedIn, our advice is to follow people you know, people who work in the field of your professional interest, companies, and LinkedIn groups. This way, you will be exposed to more relevant information when searching for jobs. LinkedIn offers private messages (although this comes with the premium account) and with this, you can get into direct contact with relevant people. LinkedIn also offers a series of courses for job seekers and recruiters on different topics. These courses are short but useful, especially for those who need to gain new working skills in order to be competitive in the job market.

We as a company have used this platform to recruit people and I must say that we are satisfied with the options we found. We have also used this platform to get in touch with independent contractors. For example, we needed to install tankless water heaters in our office, so we contacted the company that is providing them and made a good business deal. As you can see, LinkedIn can be used in various ways, and whether you search or offer jobs, or you need to find a service you need, this platform is the place for you.  

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